"Thanks to you, my client was able to double their conversion volume while still remaining profitable!"

In this program you’ll learn insider tips for Google Ads success from me, Jyll — former Google employee, certified Google Partner and digital marketing instructor. And get the confidence to handle any campaign, budget, or target independently and successfully.

You're ready to become an Insider if...

  • You create and run Google Ads for clients, to grow your business, or in your 9-5

  • You feel like you kinda know what you’re doing, but want to feel like you’ve got this

  • You’re overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and want Google Ads training and guidance from someone who knows their stuff

  • You want to build, manage, and optimize ads like an expert — and get results

Imagine if...

  • Creating Google Ads campaigns felt intuitive and easy

  • You had the confidence to build and optimize campaigns on your own

  • You knew how to troubleshoot when things went wrong

  • You spent less time learning and more time building out your campaigns and measuring their performance

  • You were able to get better results with a few small changes

  • You became known as the “go-to” Google Ads person in your network

You can’t Google this. Seriously.

You won’t find this advice by doing free courses, Googling (even if you’re really good), or falling down a YouTube rabbit hole. Why? You’ve gotta know what you’re looking for — and who you can trust to answer your questions.

With Inside Google Ads there are no hacks, no tricks, no cheating the system. Just practical, easy to digest lessons, guided by a Google Ads expert. It’s all about how to work with, not against the platform to get the best out of it.

And because you’re working with an actual Google Insider, while everyone else is cursing the latest platform updates — you’ll get ahead by knowing exactly why it’s changing, what it means for you, and how to use it to your advantage.

I’m Jyll, and I help entrepreneurs grow

I worked at Google for 6 years, bringing the best of Google’s insights and advertising to the world’s largest businesses. Since leaving, I’ve built successful businesses entirely using Google Ads, coached others to do the same, made all the mistakes (so you don’t have to), and worked with $10 to $1 million budgets — and everything in between.

These days, over 50,000 people follow me for my bite-sized, actionable Google Ads tips on TikTok. I know all the ups and downs, all the insider info. And I’m here to share it with you, via digestible, actionable and up-to-date lessons, whether you’ve been optimising ads for ten minutes or ten years.

My coaching fees start at $290 an hour. For the same price, you’ll get my Google Ads expertise for an entire year.

Jyll Saskin Gales

Bite-sized lessons, big gains

It’s not just about the theory. I’ll dive right into the platform and show you everything you might’ve missed. We’ll cover practical topics where I’ll take you inside Google Ads, so you learn how to implement my tips in short, easy-to-follow lessons.

Learn practical, no-nonsense ways to:

  • Improve your Quality Score

  • Set up your account like a Google Pro

  • Work with budgets of any size

  • Choose effective bid strategies for your campaigns

  • Troubleshoot typical challenges, like traffic drops or cost spikes

  • Build better responsive search ads

  • Capture leads for service-based businesses

  • Forecast and plan your campaigns using Google’s tools

  • And so much more!

My Insiders also get exclusive access to...

  • Monthly Meets

    Monthly live sessions featuring Q&A with me, The Google Pro
    (valued at $500)

  • Time-saving templates

    My own templates for account audits, ad texts, bulk campaign uploads and more
    (valued at $97)

  • Exclusive access

    Regular sessions with special guest experts in Google Shopping, Shopify and more.

    *I really mean it. Their Ads expertise usually comes with a million dollar budget requirement!


  • So, is this run by Google?

    Nope! This program is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Google. It’s also not a certification or “official” Google Ads training program — it’s a way to access my coaching services for a fraction of the price of a 1:1 consultation.

  • And who are you, exactly?

    I’m Jyll and I worked at Google for 6 years, helping some of the world’s largest companies better manage their advertising and insights using Google's products. We’re talking big budgets, high stakes, and loads of fun (nerd alert).

    During that time I grew my own side hustle business solely using Google Ads. When I left Google, I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs grow, but it was through networking with other small business owners that I realized just how much I could help.

    Now, it’s my mission to make my high-impact training, skills and knowledge accessible to the entrepreneurs putting themselves out there, turning their dreams into reality.

    I’ve been hired to speak and run workshops for some of North America’s most prominent schools and corporations, including Harvard Business School, DMZ, 3M, and of course, Google.

    You can find me on TikTok and Instagram under @The_Google_Pro, where I share free Google tips and digital marketing advice with over 40,000 followers.

    I am also an official Google Partner, but again, this program is in no way affiliated with Google. I cannot emphasize that enough.

  • Why an ongoing membership? Can’t I just buy this outright?

    Courses in this field typically cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a one-off deal, teach theory with almost no in-platform experience, and become out of date in a matter of months. And then what? You’re left navigating the platform solo, using out of date information, with a giant void in your bank account.

    That just doesn’t sit right with me. So, this is a membership. You’ll get my continued support that adapts to the Google Ads platform as it evolves. With every training video and monthly live session, you’ll know you’re getting the most up to date information as the platform changes. Best practices, new features — we’ll cover it all.

    The best part? You can buy a year’s membership upfront to take advantage of the amazing value of this program.

  • What content will you cover?

    The program’s content is based on real, technical questions I get asked most often, as well as the common hurdles I see people struggle with. There’ll be opportunities to request specific content throughout the program, and get your niggling questions answered.

    Performance Max campaigns, responsive search ads, YouTube best practices, Google Analytics & Shopify connections - we cover all that and more Inside Google Ads.

  • How is this different from Google Skillshop?

    While Skillshop is an excellent program and great for getting the basics of Google Ads, it is purely theory based and doesn’t actually take you inside the platform. When I say “Inside Google Ads”, I really mean it — we go inside the platform to learn how it works from a practical standpoint — explaining the theory behind it as we go.

    I’m also here to teach you some of the things I only learned once I started building businesses using Google Ads. These aren’t things I learned working for Google — they had to come from experience, mistakes, lost budget, and time. Things I can now save you by delivering lessons in bite-sized Google Ads training videos.

  • Can’t I learn this from YouTube?

    If you know exactly what to look for and who you can trust to deliver the information accurately, sure! What YouTube lacks? Direction and trust. There’s so much conflicting advice out there from self-proclaimed “experts”, that for every answer to your question, there are hundreds of videos stating the exact opposite. It’s… a lot.

    Having spent years coaching clients in Google Ads (and actually working for Google), I’m in the unique position of not only having expert knowledge of the platform and how it works, but also the areas people tend to overlook and struggle with. So if you want to save yourself some time and energy, I’ve got the credentials, experience, and knowledge to deliver digestible training based on proven methods — and the data to back it up. Your call :)