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"Insane Value! Jyll’s course is an absolute steal. I have learned so much from it and I love the way it is structured and updated. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the course!"

- Jack O’Sullivan, Agency Owner 🇮🇪


"I'm so grateful for this insider information. Being able to see Jyll walk through the setup process and navigate the constant changes of Google is so worthwhile. Jyll is incredibly generous with her time. She even added a video lesson based on a question I put in the comments."

- Miranda Wylie, Ads Specialist 🇺🇸 


"I have been using Google Ads for over 10 years, and have a partner agency. Jyll's informative content has helped me reach conclusions and drive performance with my Google Ads clients. Having this knowledge base has been invaluable to my business. Thank you Jyll!"

- Amit Shah, Digital Marketing Consultant 🇪🇸

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Learn from Jyll Saskin Gales, an experienced instructor and ex-Googler who teaches at the top companies, accelerators & institutions worldwide

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In this program you’ll learn insider tips for Google Ads success from Jyll, and get the confidence to handle any campaign, budget, or target independently and successfully. With more than 100 video tutorials, plus access to an exclusive live monthly meeting, Inside Google Ads is what you need to take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level.

You're ready to become an Insider if...

👉 You create and run Google Ads for clients, to grow your business, or in your 9-5.
👉 You feel like you kinda know what you’re doing, but want to feel like you’ve got this.
👉 You’re overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and want Google Ads training and guidance from someone who knows their stuff.
👉 You want to build, manage, and optimize ads like an expert — and get results.

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"As someone who does Digital Marketing full time, learning more about Google Ads is essential to me. Jyll is sensational, the detail she goes into is second to none and provides more information about Google Ads than Google itself! I couldn't recommend anyone else for training or refining knowledge other than Jyll!"

- Kieran Jones, Marketing Manager 🇬🇧


"I have been managing Google Campaigns on-and-off for 10 years. Sometimes Google makes me crazy with their updates, it's refreshing to hear other people's opinions rather than drinking the Kool-Aid all the time! I really enjoyed watching the monthly Q&As in my own time. Jyll did a good job keeping the course up-to-date and keeping up with Google's changes. It is nice to hear an opinion of someone who has worked with Google/is still in touch with Google trainings, people at Google etc. Overall a well run course."

- Chloe Bailey, Marketing Specialist 🇦🇺


"I'm building better campaigns thanks to Jyll's training. I already had experience with Google Ads but when I signed up as a Google Ads Insider, I learned many things that you cannot find on YouTube. Jyll is the real deal and now I am starting a Google Ads and SEO agency with more confidence!"

- Rony Mattar, Google Ads & SEO Consultant 🇱🇧

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Watch a sample lesson on Performance Max for Lead Gen

What is it like to Learn with Jyll as an Inside Google Ads member? Here's an excerpt from one of the tutorials you'll find in the course, Setting up a Performance Max campaign for Lead Generation.

Notice how Jyll guides you through step by step, in the platform, sharing advice, tips and real-life stories along the way to help you make the best decisions for your account.

And when you watch in the course, you can add optional closed captions, change the video speed, and skim the written lesson summary.


Get instant access to 100+ lessons, with new ones added all the time!

Inside Google Ads is offered as a membership so that you can get your questions answered, and take advantage of lessons that are constantly updated as the Google Ads platform changes.

Each section of the course has 2-10 video lessons. The current sections are:

  • Campaign setup: Step-by-step tutorials
  • Getting started in a Google Ads account
  • Data Foundations: Conversions, Attribution, Audiences
  • Targeting: Keywords & Audiences
  • Ads
  • Bidding & Budgets
  • Formats
  • Campaign optimization: step-by-step tutorials
  • Ecommerce & Google Merchant Center
  • B2B & Lead Generation
  • Google Analytics
  • Planning & Insights
  • Troubleshooting common challenges
  • Steal these templates!
  • Monthly Meet Recordings
Save $98 with an annual subscription

You can't Google this. Seriously.

You won’t find this advice by doing free courses, Googling (even if you’re really good), or falling down a YouTube rabbit hole. Why? You’ve gotta know what you’re looking for — and who you can trust to answer your questions.

With Inside Google Ads there are no hacks, no tricks, no cheating the system. Just practical, easy to digest lessons, guided by a Google Ads expert. It’s all about how to work with, not against the platform to get the best out of it.

And because you’re working with an actual Google Insider, while everyone else is cursing the latest platform updates — you’ll get ahead by knowing exactly why it’s changing, what it means for you, and how to use it to your advantage.

Learn Google Ads with Jyll

Imagine if...

👉 Creating Google Ads campaigns felt intuitive and easy

👉 You had the confidence to build and optimize campaigns on your own

👉 You knew how to troubleshoot when things went wrong

👉 You spent less time learning and more time building out your campaigns and measuring their performance

👉 You were able to get better results with a few small changes

👉 You became known as the “go-to” Google Ads person in your network

It's easier than you think. Let me show you how.

I'm Jyll, and I make marketing simple & effective for experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs

I worked at Google for 6 years, bringing the best of Google’s insights and advertising to the world’s largest businesses. Since leaving, I’ve built multiple successful businesses, coached others to do the same, made all the mistakes (so you don’t have to), and worked with $10 to $1 million budgets — and everything in between.

Now, I'm a marketing coach, consultant and trainer. I advise business owners across industries and sizes, helping them get the best ROI from their marketing. I teach at...
- startup accelerators and incubators like The DMZ and Google for Startups,
- educational institutions like Harvard Business School and Western University,
- digital skills training programs like Jelly Academy and Digital Main Street,
- Fortune 50 corporations like Google and 3M,
- fast-growing startups like Silk & Snow and Staffy,
- boutique marketing agencies, and of course,
- my own Learn with Jyll platform.

I'm the most followed Google Ads Expert on TikTok and Threads, with more than 70,000 followers tuning in for bite-sized, actionable marketing tips across all platforms.

I'm also a frequent podcast guest and conference speaker on shows and stages including Today in Digital Marketing, SMX Advanced, Growth Marketing Toolbox, QuickBooks Connect, Startup Canada and BusinessTok.

jyll teaching at google
Get a full year of Google Ads training for just $490

Google Ads Insiders also get exclusive access to...

Monthly Meets

Monthly member-exclusive live sessions with Q&A time to get your burning Google Ads questions answered

(valued at $750)

Time-saving templates

Jyll's proprietary templates and cheat sheets for account audits, ad text creation, video campaign subtypes, bid strategies and more!

(valued at $350)

World-renowned experts

Regular presentations and lessons by Jyll and top experts in the field, including current Googlers.


*I really mean it. Their Ads expertise usually comes with a million dollar budget requirement!

...all for less than $50 a month!

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