Can you change a Google Search Ad to a Call Only Ad?

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a woman on her cellphone with the google ads interface in the background, setting up a call ad in a search campaign

By: Jyll Saskin Gales, Google Ads Coach

Are phone calls the lifeblood of your business? If so, Google Call Ads might be just the ticket to driving more leads and boosting your bottom line. But what are Call Ads, and how can you create them? Let's dive in!


What are Call Ads in Google Ads?

Call Ads, formerly known as Call-Only Ads, are a special type of Google Search ad designed to encourage phone calls. They primarily show up on mobile devices and feature a prominent "Call" button with your phone number instead of a website link.


Why Use Call Ads in Google Ads?

Call Ads are perfect for businesses that prioritize phone calls over website visits. They can be especially beneficial for local service businesses, like plumbers or electricians, where customers often want to speak to someone directly to schedule appointments or get quotes.

If your website isn't fully optimized, or if you simply want a more immediate way for customers to connect, Call Ads are a great option.


How to Create a Call Ad in Google Ads

You can't transform an existing Search Ad into a Call Ad, but you can easily add Call Ads to an existing Search ad group:

  1. Existing Campaign: Make sure you have an active Search campaign and ad group.
  2. Create a New Ad: Go to the "Ads" tab and click the "+" button.
  3. Choose "Call Ad": Select this option instead of creating a regular Search Ad.
  4. Enter Your Phone Number: This is the most crucial element of a Call Ad.
  5. Add Headlines and Descriptions: You can use headlines and descriptions from your existing Search Ads, but remember to keep them concise since character limits can vary for Call Ads.

Pro Tip: Put the most important information at the beginning of your headlines and descriptions to avoid getting cut off.


Ready to Ring in More Customers?

By following these steps, you can create effective Call Ads that drive more phone calls to your business.

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