How can I customize my Google Ads?

ad creative google ads Jul 03, 2024
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By: Jyll Saskin Gales, Google Ads Coach

Dynamic insertion is a game-changing feature in Google Ads that lets you personalize your ad copy automatically. It's like having a chameleon-like ad that adapts to each user's search query. But what exactly is dynamic insertion, and how can you use it effectively? Let's dive in!


What is Dynamic Insertion in Google Ads?

Dynamic insertion allows you to create headlines or descriptions that change based on the user's search. You can insert:

  1. Dynamic Countdown Insertion: Perfect for time-sensitive promotions. This feature automatically updates your ad with a countdown timer (e.g., "3 days left!").
  2. Dynamic Location Insertion: Ideal for local businesses. This feature automatically inserts the user's location into your ad (e.g., "plumber in Toronto").
  3. Dynamic Keyword Insertion: This is the most common type of dynamic insertion. It automatically inserts the keyword that triggered your ad (e.g., "best dog food" in response to a search for "order best dog food online").

Can You Use Dynamic Insertion in Descriptions?

Absolutely! You can use dynamic insertion in both headlines and descriptions of your Responsive Search Ads.


Does Dynamic Insertion Affect Character Limits?

No, it doesn't. The character limit remains the same, and the inserted text is counted towards that limit. That's why it's crucial to have a default text in case the dynamically inserted text exceeds the limit.


How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Let's say your keyword is "Italian restaurant." You can create a headline like "Best {Keyword:Italian Restaurant} in Town." If someone searches for "Italian restaurant near me," your headline will dynamically change to "Best Italian Restaurant near me." If someone searches for "best pizza," and "pizza" is another one of your keywords, your headline will change to "Best Pizza in Town."

Important Note:

Dynamic keyword insertion inserts the keyword that matches the search query, not the exact search query itself. This prevents your ads from displaying irrelevant or potentially harmful content.


Should You Use Dynamic Insertion?

Dynamic insertion offers several benefits:

  • Improved Ad Relevance: Your ads will be more relevant to each user's search, leading to higher click-through rates.
  • Increased Ad Strength: Google rewards relevant ads with a higher ad strength score. While this doesn't directly affect performance, it is a good best practice.
  • Time-Saving: You don't need to create separate ads for each keyword variation.

Dynamic insertion is a powerful tool that can elevate your Google Ads campaigns. By tailoring your ads to each user's search query, you'll increase relevance, engagement, and ultimately, your chances of success.


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