How to avoid ad fatigue in Google Ads

ad creative google ads Jul 01, 2024
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By: Jyll Saskin Gales, Google Ads Coach

Ever wondered if your Google Search Ads are getting stale and causing "ad fatigue" among your audience? It's a common concern, especially for those familiar with social media advertising. But here's the thing: ad fatigue in Google Ads isn't quite the same as on platforms like TikTok or Instagram.


Google Ads Ad Fatigue: Why Google Search Ads Are Different

  • Intent-Driven: People use Google Search to actively look for solutions, not to passively scroll through content. They want to see relevant ads.
  • Text-Based: Unlike eye-catching images or videos, text ads are less likely to wear out their welcome.
  • One-Time View: Users typically see your ad only once during a search session, not repeatedly throughout their day.

These factors make ad fatigue less of a concern for Google Search Ads. However, it's still wise to refresh your ad copy periodically. Here are some tips to keep your ads performing at their best


How to avoid ad fatigue in Google Ads

1. Quarterly Creative Review

Every three months, take a good look at all your ad components—headlines, descriptions, images, videos—to ensure they're still relevant and effective. This is also a great opportunity to identify areas for improvement and experiment with new ideas.

2. Don't Blindly Trust "Best" Ratings

Google Ads provides performance ratings for your Responsive Search Ads, but these ratings don't always tell the whole story. Sometimes, a headline with a lower rating might actually be more effective at attracting the right audience for your business.

3. Test New Ad Copy

If your new headlines or descriptions aren't getting impressions, try moving them to the top of your ad variations. There's anecdotal evidence suggesting that the first few headlines and descriptions may get prioritized.

4. Utilize Headline and Description Assets

Google Ads now allows you to create headlines and descriptions outside of your Responsive Search Ads. These assets can be applied across multiple campaigns and scheduled for specific timeframes, making it easier to test new copy without disrupting your existing ads.


Want to learn more about maximizing your Google Ads performance?

By understanding the nuances of ad fatigue and following these tips, you can keep your Google Search Ads fresh and engaging. Remember, continuous optimization is key to long-term success.

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